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South East Texas Crawfish Farm produces some of the best purged crawfish in Texas.
For the past 20 years South East Texas Crawfish Farm has produced some of the best crawfish in the area. Now let South East Texas Crawfish Farm supply the crawfish for your next crawfish boil.

Why should you use our crawfish?
Because we sell purged crawfish. 

What are purged crawfish and what makes them so much better?
Purged crawfish are crawfish that have been kept in clean well water after they have been harvested from the field. This process allows the crawfish to clean the mud out of their gills and greatly improves the taste of the crawfish. Our crawfish are ready to cook right out of the bag. There is no need to clean them befor you put them in the pot. Where ever you purchase crawfish from, insist that they be purged. You will notice the difference.
For more on the purging process.

When does the season begin?
The season has started!!! As of March 15th we officially opened for the season. So call and get your orders in now.

Where are we located?
Hamshire, Tx

How can you contact us to place an order?
(409) 794-1387
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